Which Battery Sprayer is best for Agriculture?

Battery operated sprayer is widely used to clean and disinfect the weeds or insects from the plants in agriculture industry. Apart from farming, battery sprayers are also used to disinfect the surfaces on industrial scale. To cover the large area disinfection, battery sprayers are best to use.

This agricultural device improves crop productivity upto a large extent. Users can use its application for spraying pesticides, fungicides and insecticides over a large crop area.

Structure of Power Sprayers:

Power sprayers are powered with gasoline engines and have high strength.. These battery sprayers have wide mouth opening that allows easy filing and less spilling of applicants.

Chandak Agro Equipments presents Knapsack power sprayer which are known for high performance and trusted durability. Farmers can use them in crops like tea, coffee, fruit orchards.

Battery operated sprayer

Versatile features of Battery operated sprayers

· With its ergonomic size and design, power sprayers are very convenient to use.

· Due to inbuilt advanced technology, it can resist heat and temperature generated during the working process.

· Most crucial feature of Knapsack power sprayer is its light weight which allows it to carry comfortably on back.

· Equipped with a long hose, it is very useful to spray large volumes of chemicals on big farming area from a longer distance.

· High performing equipment as it has continuous auto agitation system.

· You can manage pressure easily with its adjustable spraying process.

· Very easy to clean and use the sprayer effortlessly.

· Known for less fuel consumption and less electricity usage

· Its body is made of high strength brass material which also gives cooling effect and prevent from rusting problem for everlasting performance.

· It comes with rechargeable batteries that provides ease of use and occurs less cost.

· It can be used with several attachments for varied use. Usually it comes with a steel lance, charger and four types of nozzles.

· These are extremely portable and easy to store.

There are numerous benefits of using battery operated sprayer instead of the manual or electric-powered sprayer. This machine comes with a strong yet lightweight battery which makes it a wire-free setup. This is highly beneficial for spraying on agriculture land as electric-powered sprayers require connection to electricity which is not always possible on farms. This makes a battery-operated power sprayer a convenient and efficient choice for all type of farming conditions.



Chandak Agro equipments is an established enterprises in agricultural tools & machinery industry. Visit: https://www.chandakagro.com/

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